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Power Conditioning Systems

Power Factor Correction

In AC electrical systems, there is typically an inefficiency in how power is delivered. This inefficiency is due to the delay between when demand begins to push electrons through the circuit (voltage) and when they actually begin to move (current). The term "Power Factor" is a number used to describe the amount of current that is not lost in this delay. With a Power Factor of 0.77, approximately 23% of energy consumption is wasted on inefficiency.
Utilizing power factor correction technology increases the "Power Factor" helping you to consume energy more efficiently. You will be using less electricity, which means you will see savings on your energy bill.

Surge and Spike Protection

Power surges and spikes are common throughout your electrical system, and every year the threat of a lightning strike puts your electronic equipment at risk. Catastrophic power spikes are rare, but the constant smaller surges inherent in the system, may manifest themselves as a pulsating glow on computer screens or your area lighting. Damage accumulates over time, reducing the performance and life span of your electronic equipment.

Surge and spike protection regulates the flow of electricity to protect your electronic equipment. If a catastrophic spike occurs, the entire spike will be absorbed.


Harmonic Filtration / Noise Reduction

Reducing electronic noise in your electrical system can extend the life span of all your electronic devices.

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