Energy Reduction Strategies for Business.
Nationwide Sales, Distribution, Installation and Service.


Our Services

We are in the business of providing Energy Reduction Strategies for Business. We offer nationwide sales, product distribution, installation and after project service.

The first step towards implementing an energy reduction program is to contact us. We will conduct an energy audit of your facility and make appropriate recommendations for implementation.

Because lighting represents roughly 25% to 40% of total Industrial and Commercial building energy consumption, lighting retrofits are the most common, simple and cost effective means to find efficiency gains.

We will gladly install, at no charge or obligation, enough fixtures to demonstrate our product effectiveness. Put our products to the test, head to head with any other product offering. See for yourself why our products out perform all others on the market.

In most cases a one for one exchange is all that is required. Our fixtures harvest up to 30% more of the available light, so you will notice improvements in company moral, safety and productivity. We don't look to expand the scope of your job for our benefit. We only recommend what is truly required, with guaranteed results.

Our products are manufactured in North America. In most cases your project can be underway in about 2 weeks.

Installation - We work closely with our partners, provincially licensed electrical contractors with locations across the country. You can be confident that your project will be managed professionally. We will gladly work to eliminate any disruption to your operation, working in off peak hours, weekends or evenings. What ever works best for you?

Our products can be purchased outright, and installed using your in-house maintenance crew or your preferred local contractor.