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The KillaWatt Product Line

High Intensity Fluorescent (HIF) - Phase 1

Unquestionably the most common and widely used energy reduction strategy available today. Retrofit your inefficient fixtures with HIF - T8 and T5 Technology.

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Intelligent Controls - Phase 2

Monitor, Manage, & Control - Reduce your energy waste by adding intelligence to your High Performance Fixtures.

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Daylight Harvesting - Phase 3

Take your daytime lighting needs off the grid. Harvest the natural light from the outdoors. Reduce your energy costs for lighting to ZERO.

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Exterior Lighting

Fluorescent technology designed to reduce energy consumption costs by 50 percent when compared to traditional high-intensity discharge lighting.

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HID Dimming Technologies

Some applications just lend themselves better to the look and feel of HID fixtures.
HID Dimming technology can provide significant cost reductions.

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Induction Lighting

Induction Lighting is most practically used in difficult to maintain locations, due to the long lamp life associated with the technology.

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Solar Generation - Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Alternative power generation is coming of age. Lets us help you decipher the technology and take advantage of Provincial and Federal Incentive Programs.

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Power Conditioning Systems

Reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and extend the life of motors and machinery.

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Totally Integrated Operation

No two industrial or commercial facilities are alike. Each has its own set of challenges when it comes to energy reduction. At KillaWatt we strive to offer the latest in energy reduction technology and utilize a variety of products that will best meet your specific needs.

We are provincially licensed electrical contractors with service locations across the country. You can be confident that your project will be managed professionally.

If you prefer, our products may be purchased outright and and installed using your in-house maintenance crew or preferred local contractor.

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