Energy Reduction Strategies for Business.
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Intelligent Controls - Phase 2

Monitor, Manage, & Control
Efficiency is the best way to improve your bottom line and the Orion InteLite™ wireless control platform allows you to do so without any compromise to your operations or processes and at no capital expense! Our next generation control systems allow you to see and track in real time what the electrical demands are for your entire facility. It is designed to be the most reliable, flexible, and open system for your energy management needs -- from simple on/off systems to complete monitoring and electrical usage control for lighting and other operations like HVAC. When coupled with the Apollo® Light Pipe, your organization can completely remove itself from the electrical grid for significant periods of time -- further reducing your energy spend for lighting.

Energy Management Platform - Phase 2

Motion, ambient light, HVAC set-points and other event intiated programs provide digital set-point information.

Real-Time Power Monitoring
Pulse meter input for measuring and monitoring kilowatt demand in real time. This allows companies to avoid costly peak energy charges.

Internet Enabled System
Cellular router provides wireless access to the Internet when local area connection is unavailable.

Proprietary FCC approved wireless control systems transmit and receive radio frequency control signals to shed load depending on automatic set-point data or manual inputs.

Application Control Engine
Seamless integration of motion, ambient light, and other event intiated program inputs. Peak demand response control, energy use analytics and the ability to monitor and control energy use in real-time Web-based graphical views.

InteLite™ Controllers and Apollo® Light Pipes are made for each other.
Designed specifically to work with Apollo® Light Pipes, a direct renewable source of light, to further reduce your energy waste.
The InteLite™ Controller communicates with the Orion ambient light sensor and when sunlight levels are high enough, turns off the lights.
You can get completely off the grid for significant parts of the day.
Each year, there are potentially 4,380 hours of daylight available to you. Orion will show you how much energy you can save using our InteLite™ Control System and Apollo® Light Pipes. Coca Cola, GAP, Sysco Foods, Ralph Lauren Polo and others have all seen the advantages to using Apollo® Light Pipes to reduce their energy waste and improve their worker's environment.

It's your choice - you can get the world's best lighting system, a proven expandable energy management program, improved working environment, eliminate energy waste and get free cash flow to your bottom line - all guaranteed, if you act now.