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Industry News

2010-04-08 Ontario Announces 184 Large - Scale Renewable Energy Projects
2010-03-31 OPA - Ontario Power Authority - 2009 Annual Report
2010-03-31 Orion Energy Systems' exterior lighting wins gold at Plant Engineering Awards
2010-03-10 Ontario's Landmark Green Energy Plan Delivers
2010-01-07 Orion Energy Systems issued utility patent for direct renewable Apollo® solar light pipe system
2009-12-16 Ontarians get the green light for 700 rooftop solar projects
2009-12-10 Orion Energy Systems awarded patent for Compact Modular™ technology cooling properties
2009-10-01 Canada's first feed - in tariff program for renewable energy
2009-08-27 Orion issued patent for its energy - efficient modular lighting platform
2009-07-21 Orion Energy Systems launches intelligent InteLite® occupancy sensor technology
2009-06-30 Orion's new fluorescent street lighting technology outperforming in the city of Pittsburgh's test installation
2009-05-13 Briggs and Stratton Corporation reduces electricity consumption by 9.4 million kilowatt-hours using Orion technology
2009-03-31 Orion Energy Systems' Apollo Light Pipe named Plant Engineering Product of the Year
2009-03-31 OPA - Ontario Power Authority - 2008 Annual Report
2009-03-14 Orion Energy Systems recognized by MIT Alumni group with Technology Achievement Award
2009-03-12 Ontario Unveils North America's First Feed - In Tariff
2009-02-27 Orion honored with prestigious Manufacturer of the Year Award
2009-02-04 Orion launches energy efficient parking lot lighting solution
2009-01-28 Sysco Corporation Names Orion Energy Systems Facility Supplier of the Year