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High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting is one of the most widely incorporated lighting systems for Industrial, Commercial and Retail environments.

High-intensity discharge (HID) lamp dimming can be used effectively as an energy reduction strategy. Dimming HID lamps can result in energy savings, peak demand reduction and greater flexibility in multi-use spaces. Dimming reduces energy costs by reducing the input power to the lighting system.

WHAT IS High-intensity discharge (HID)

HID lights are identified by the predominant distinctive metals contained within the lamp: high-pressure sodium (sodium), mercury (mercury) and metal halide (metallic halides).
Of the three types of HID lighting, high-pressure sodium and metal halide are the most common offering effective light levels and the best color. Metal halide offers superior color with a bright white light as compared with high-pressure sodium, which offers greater efficiency at the expense of color with an orange or yellowish light.


HID Dimming can be used to save energy during periods when the space is unoccupied but requires adequate lighting for safety and security reasons. Dimming can activated by various mechanisms, either manually via switch, or automatically via electronic control devices such as a preset schedule, occupancy sensors or response to ambient daylight light levels.

Most lamp manufacturers use an average of 10 hours burn time/start when establishing lamp life ratings. Any reduction in burn time per start, generally results in shorter lamp life.
HID lighting systems produce a fixed amount of light, but many facilities have a variety of lighting needs based on multiple activities under the fixture arrangement. Dimming can add flexibility to your lighting system allowing for different uses of the space. A school gym, auto dealership or retail grocery chain for example, can be dimmed to provide suitable lighting for different uses throughout the day.


A number of applications lend themselves to HID Dimming Technology. We would be happy to discuss your energy reduction initiatives with you. If HID Dimming technology is best suited to your facility, we have the products and experience you have been looking for.