Energy Reduction Strategies for Business.
Nationwide Sales, Distribution, Installation and Service.

About Us

KillaWatt is a Canadian distributor of energy efficient technologies offering leading edge, engineered solutions to energy reduction projects.

We guarantee that you will realize immediate and significant cash flow improvement with the completion of your project. Most projects generate a ROI between 1 and 2 years. Government Incentive Programs help many of these projects come in under 1 year.

Our product line includes High Intensity Fluorescent (HIF), Induction, HID Dimming, Power Conditioning and Alternative Generation Technologies. Together with our partners, we provide nationwide sales, product distribution, certified installation and service.

You can be confident that your project will be managed professionally. We have implemented projects from coast to coast. We don't just subcontract your job to any available contractor; we have fully trained partners across the country, with the knowledge and expertise to implement your project to specification, on time and within budget.

You're already paying for your Energy Reduction Project. Let us show you why. Together we'll put that cash back on the bottom line.

Light Years Ahead

Since 1996, Orion Energy Systems has been revolutionizing the manufacturing, industrial, warehousing and commercial industries with a concept and a promise. The Orion concept is bold -- a suite of proprietary, energy-efficiency technologies that reduce energy consumption by 50 percent or more, without compromising operations, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Orion promise is equally radical -- our integrated solution, including the breakthrough Compact Modular™ high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) lighting system, InteLite® control platform, and Apollo® Light Pipe, is actually guaranteed to increase light levels and reduce energy costs. By combining this revolutionary concept and extraordinary promise, Orion has saved its customers hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs, while also reducing the environmental impact of inefficient energy consumption.

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